Kardoni Camp was named as one of Beautiful Homes of Estonia 2017!

We are very proud and touched. Our guest notice, respect, admire ja enjoy our home and that is amazing. Every little thing on our territory is made with love. Thank You for seeing that. (On photo Kardoni family with Ms President of Estonia).

The 2015 European Tree of the Year is Estonia’s Oak tree on a football field.

Is there a place in the world where you can find a stadium which has an oak tree in the middle of it? For the locals in Orissaare its a common thing, but this tree is at heart of the community. Before 1951 there was a small sporting area beside the oak tree, and when it was expanded the tree ended up in the middle of the stadium. Legend says two of Stalin´s tractors tried to pull it out of the ground, but the cables kept breaking. It still has marks from the cables. Students know how to use the tree to complete passes, and it offers shade to the players.


Saaremaa was chosen as one of the 1000 places you must see before you die.

The Estonian Saaremaa island is one of the 1,000 places to see before you die, a book by the same name, claimed to be a New York Times bestseller, published at the end of last year, declares, reports Saarte Haal. The book ‘1,000 Places to See before You Die,’ by Patricia Schultz, contains information about the Kuressaare castle, Viidumae nature preserve, Sorve peninsula, Georg Ots Spa hotel and Padaste Manor’s Alexandri restaurant. Also a few catering facilities in Tallinn have been listed. “This is unbelievable and excellent,” Kuressaare tourism information center head Karmen Paju and tourism lecturer Lii Muru said. Paju said that there are a lot of people who set their travel route on the basis of such books, and thinks that some U.S. travel organizers who have repeatedly visited Saaremaa are “guilty” for the island being included in the book.