The first thai herbal steam sauna in Estonia!

Most of you didn't know, that there is a wonderful sauna tradition in Thailand. In the beginning it was made for women, but nowadays men also enjoy it, as herbs, that are used to create a steam with exotic smell, have a lot of benefits for health and mind.

Benefits of herbal steam sauna:

Helps the skin
- acne cases
- opens the pores
- prevents the formation of free radicals and aging of the skin
- makes the skin soft and smooth, brightens it
- tones and improves the texture of the skin

Helps in cleaning the respiratory system
- clears the nasal passage and throat
- helps with breathing problems

Helps with body aches

- improves blood flow and helps normal function
- reduces body aches, swelling, bruising, stimulates and nourishes the heart
- helps to detoxify the body and prevents the formation of inflammation
- helps women to restore health and body after given birth

And the most important- it has a calming effect
- helps in relaxing the person both physically and mentally, beautifies

1h session:
1. Wash yourself in the shower.
2. Relax in the steam room for 10 - 15 min.
3. Come out, get quick shower, sit and relax. Drink some water.
4. Go back to steam room for 10 – 15 min.
When skin is soft- wash yourself properly in the shower, so in last
session you will get max effect from herbs steam.
During the session drink plenty of water (not cold!)

Precausions! It's forbidden to use sauna:
- heart and blood pressure problems
- inflammation / high temperature
- pregnancy
- allergy on ingredients

kaffir lime, ginger, tamarind, lemongrass, white camphor, alang alang, acacia concinna, zingiber cassumunar